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Our experience, which we have built over many years, means we are well-equipped to work across all areas of automation in different industrial branches, even if the task of the project seems to be most complicated.
Our possession of know-how related to different control systems, including planning and automation of technological processes and supporting the process and the organization of work, let us quantify the potential success of the investment and eliminates the risk of overspending, exceeded deadlines, installation breakdowns or manufacture losses. This means that our package includes advice, design, hardware planning, software engineering, practical implementation and assembly, quality management to DIN ISO 9001:2008 standards, product maintenance and training of personnel. Our spectrum involves a wide range of services, starting from small machines control, through to medium PLC control systems, and ending up with the largest DCS (distributed control systems) in huge factories.
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DCS System

Distributed Control System, which is responsible for the control and visualization of the industrial process having a common database. In contrast to non-distributed systems, which use single controllers, DCS is built in a hierarchy of master-and-slave trees, connected by a communication network for command and monitoring

PLC Controllers

Programmable Logic Controllers are widely used for automation of typical industrial electromechanical processes, such as control of simple and assembled machines, and are also widely used in technological knots.

SAFETY Systems

Bootstrap and integrated system locks guarantee, the safety and reliability of the process in case of a machine failure.


Provides visualization of the technical process, synoptic screens for service personnel, registration and processing of measurable variables, system diagnostic, alarms, trends and data storage.


We are always ready to undertake service action on working days-or at the weekends and holidays-24 hours a day, with reaction time closely matched to customers’ expectations.


A team of well-trained and constantly up-dated service personnel, who can react very quickly in case of any system malfunction, is an invaluable asset to any factory. In order to meet these needs, we run courses for operators and systems users. What distinguishes us is not only our professional knowledge but also our experience.

We are the certified system integrator of the Rockwell Automation.


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Complex modernizations

Planning, construction, configuration and implementation

Control cabinets construction

Service of industrial automation systems

Delivery of work on time

Guarantee of systems security

Reduced cost of installation hold-up

Experience system start-ups of completed works

Modern technologies

Systems virtualization

Modern programs

Effective solutions


Efficient service

Qualified team

Profitable financial terms

Kompleksowe modernizacje

Projektowanie, budowa, konfiguracja i wdrożenie

Prefabrykacja szaf systemowych

Serwisowanie systemów automatyki przemysłowej

Terminowa realizacje prac

Gwarancja bezpieczeństwa systemów

Zminimalizowane koszty postoju instalacji

Doświadczenie w pracach wykonywanych na rozruchu

Nowoczesne technologie

Wirtualizacja systemów

Nowoczesne programy

Efektywne rozwiązania


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