PLC controllers

As an experienced control systems integrator, we have mastered the ability to plan, modernize, implement and service PLC (programmable logic controller) control systems.

We introduce PLC systems to supervise simple and complicated machines or widely spread technological knots such as compressors, packing lines, manufacturing lines, public utilities supply and water cleaning, etc.

Thanks to the broadness of our experience we can offer customers complex solutions, at all stages of implementation:

  • generation of executed and post-executed project, materials management
  • control cabinets construction and assembly and system configuration
  • system integration with outer automatic and IT systems
  • assembly coordination and monitoring
  • function testing and commissioning of all components
  • complete unit and equipment documentation
  • generation of instruction manual
  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • induction and training of operational and maintenance personnel

In very demanding applications we often use the redundancy (multiplication) of basic elements, such as controllers, I/O modules, communications modules, servers and operator stations.

Now we are able to offer you specialized support and project realization regarding :

  • Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley (MicroLogix, CompactLogix, ControlLogix, SLC500, PLC5)
  • Siemens SIMATIC (S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S71500, LOGO)
  • Saia (PCD2, PCD4)
  • VIPA
  • Schneider Electric
  • GE Fanuc

Our systems work independently (in configuration with operator panels and operator stations), as well as in relation to another PLC or DCS systems.