About Us

Vigran started its activity in 1991.
We are an automatic and informatics systems integrator, and producer of software, which supports production in all industrial sectors. Thanks to our comprehensiveness we can offer clients complete solutions, which include all steps of the implementation process. This means the complete formulation of a multi-branch executive project, supply completion, control cabinet construction, assembly, system configuration, system integration with outer IT and automatic systems, delivery and commissioning of control cabinets, maintenance, and post warranty service.
Our main customers are big industrial chemical and petrochemical companies, extractive and metallurgic, water supply and distribution, thermal power engineering, construction industry and the water and sewage industry. We prepare partial and complete projects directly to small, medium and large factories and automatic solution contractors.

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Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z naszą ofertą.

We prepare documentation that applies to:
  • Control systems and regulation of technical installations, including those working in explosion hazard compartments
  • Protection systems SIL/ESD/BMS/SAFETY PLC
  • Measuring systems and variety of measuring and control equipment
  • Computer control and visualization systems
  • Power distribution systems of process installation and production lines
  • Drive systems and servo
  • Control cabinets
We have rich experience with regards to:
  • Effective management and supervision of preparing the project
  • Coordination of leading works and supervision over subcontractors
  • Planning and configuring systems DCS,PLC,SAFETY,HMI,SCADA
  • Modification of existing systems
  • Building timetables and providing reports on project progression
  • Formal testing procedures and verification of completed works
  • Function testing and commissioning of all components
  • System start
We deliver professional service
  • Fixed (round-the-clock availability with the definite reaction’ time) or on demand
  • Diagnostic test of working automatic systems
  • Inspections and reports on system technical condition
  • Prescriptions and recommendations in relation to system modification
  • Consultation with hardware manufacturer
  • Specification of system elements delivery
  • Technical advice
We are specialized in:
  • Planning and implementation of authoring software according to individual client’s needs
  • Conceptualizing project development and modification of existing IT systems
  • Processing signal distribution between automatic and IT systems
  • Providing IT systems service (on demand or 24 hour)
  • Computerizing institutions and manufacturers
  • Giving technical advice

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is a success.

Henry Ford


Since we began our activity in 1991, we have created a complex integration of control systems such as DCS, PLS controllers and safety systems as well as software that supports industry lines while giving our clients technical support and service.


A large number of successfully implemented and demanding projects has seen us given many awards and references from automatic producers as well as constant cooperative agreements..

Engineers- Staff

We are a strong, highly qualified and flexible team of consulting engineers, planners, programmers and repairers, who work with passion and are open to new challenges.


Our longstanding experience and contact with producers of equipment means we are able to prepare accurate solutions for our customers with as regard to technical and financial issues.


Our team is comprised of a highly experienced, effective and well educated staff. We have many certificates and authorizations from well-known producers such as: Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator, HIMA Qualified System Integrator, and Integrator DelaV and DeltaV SIS, Authorized Service.


Our level of work is confirmed by the many certificates and recommendations that have been given to us by our business partners, as well of the number of fixed contracts we have obtained. We have got Quality Management certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.
Vigran Quality Policy

There are lots of possibilities

We will help you to choose the proper control system.

Our Team

We are the experienced team consisting of highly motivated people with passion.
Our team will cater for your specific needs and help you to find the optimum solution for your project. Client satisfaction is our biggest reward.

Agnieszka Wilczyńska

Chief of the marketing and service department

Mrs Wilczyńska will prepare even the most demanding offers. She negotiates the terms and conditions of sale and delivery, makes orders and verifies contracts and valuations.


Adam Ujazdowski

Chief of the service department

Mr Ujazdowski takes care of the proper conditioning and correct working order of service installations. He organizes the teams’ work and is always ready to help customers.