Since 1991 we have coped with advising, servicing, supervising, and supporting control and information systems. Many companies from different industry sectors have a confidence in us such as: (ANWIL joint-stock company, PKN ORLEN joint-stock company, AirLiqiude Poland LLC., group ACP, Indorama Ventures LCC and more.

We know how important the safety of every industrial installation and the reduction of the risk of malfunction, is for constant work.

In order to meet these needs we have prepared, a complex proposal for automation and IT supervision and support of production systems servicing.

Depending on individual needs of our customer we are able to propose technical support, on a permanent or on a demand basis, which includes:

  • system diagnostic in plant
  • diagnostic and remote system service
  • checking and system review
  • system improvements and modernizations
  • changing of systems configuration
  • concepts of systems development
  • telephone-consultation

Constant service agreement


  • full service disposal (round –the-clock support)
  • daily service inspection
  • periodic maintenance
  • periodic reports about system condition
  • small modification in control strategy
  • diagnostic and failures testing
  • taking part in system functional tests
  • defined reaction time
  • concepts of systems development /modernization
  • technical support
  • hardware delivery in preferential prices
  • supervising over spare parts storage
  • offers technical testing
  • consulting a hardware producers
  • instruction and training of operational and maintenance personnel

Service on demand


  • technical system and device diagnostic
  • reported failures and malfunctions analysis
  • rapport about system condition and refurbishment recommendation
  • concepts about systems development /modernization
  • system preservation
  • technical support
  • delivery of system elements in competitive prices
  • technical testing
  • consultation of hardware producers
  • small control strategy changes
  • instruction and training of operational and maintenance personnel